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sexual preferance:Straight, This question offends me... (haha)

5 + bands:*Red Hot Chili Peppers, *Incubus, *Brocius, *3 Door Down, *Outkast, *Bob Marley, *Frank Sinatra... (It's a wierd mix, I know... hehe)
5 + movies:*Pirates of the Caribbean, *Armageddon, *Beauty and the Beast, *How to lose a guy in 10 days, *The Cell,
actor:*Jonny Depp, *Tom Hanks, *Will Smith (so funny), *Mel Gibson
actress:*Lucille Ball, *Julia Roberts, *Reese Witherspoon (gorgeous),
2 + books:*"Farenheight 451" I read this book two years ago and it is still a favorite. Reading this book will teach you some things that can't be said, but experienced. It's awesome., *"The Things they Carried" This is a true story by Tim O'Brien. It is about the Vietnam war and if you don't have a strong stomach, I wouldn't recommend it. I thought it was awesome though.

[[your opinions on]]
abortion:Hmm... There are so many different opinions said on abortion... Personally I understand both sides, but I would say I am way more against it than I am for it. Abortions that are done on animals for the purpose of disecting their young for scientific reason is not as bad as abortion on humans for the purpose of getting rid of an unwanted, unborn soul. I think it is so wierd how everyone makes an issue of abortion, but in the everyday world there's no talk of it where I live. I know it's going on, I guess it's just going on in secret... That's kinda scary. I think it is wrong to give the woman ALL of the rights. It takes two to make a baby. If there is a woman who is pregnant, and she wants an abortion, she can have that abortion regardless of what the man who helped to conceive the child wants. There should be some law giving some right to the father. Say maybe the father would take full responsability for the child... my opinion is that he should be able to stop his wife from killing it, then when it's born, he will have full custody... of course that is my opinion. I guess I could in a messed up way understand how a woman would have more rights because it is her body and she can control who and what she kills in it.. but.. hmm. i don't agree with it. I think that the morning after pill is pretty okay though...
gay marriage: Wow... hmm.. I guess this is a little difficult for me to understand because I am not Gay.I know the way I feel when I am with a guy. If there are girls that feel that strongly about other girls then I can understand that they wouldn't want to hold back their feelings. If someone told me liking guys was wierd and wrong and that I shouldn't do it, I would like them none the less... I would never be gay but I guess to Gay people, it's not the sex of the person, it's the feelings they get. I'm not against it or for it, I don't really understand it yet, maybe when I'm a little older I'll have stronger feelings towards it.

who is your role model and why:Oh ..... hmm.. I don't want to sound mushy.. hehe.. my role model is my older sister. (As much as any younger sister would hate to admit it) She has accomplished so much, it's amazing. I've never told her.. If I ever amount to half of what she did I'll be lucky. From the day I was born my sister was always thinking about me and helping me out. When I was very little(I couldn't even walk yet. I was in a stroller.), we were in the mall with my parents. There was a clown giving out balloons (I was too young to even know what a ballon was). My sister walked up to him to get a ballon.. when she got back she looked at us for a second then turned back around and got a second one for me. Isn't that cute? She was only about 3 years old too.. I know it's a corny story but I've heard it since I was younger so It's my turn to tell someone! hehe... but really she's a great person with high goals and morals. She's what makes me strive to be better.
describe yourself in one word:"Slow" ( haha) no not really hmm.. this one's hard.. let see it would have to be... "perfectionist"

[[last words]]
why should we accept you:Hmm.. well I'm not going to tell you that you should, although I'd like you to :-).. hmm.. well I guess this is where I am supposed to brag or something.. hehe. I really think that I'm not too bad looking, but I guess thats a matter of opinion, huh? I can be interesting and dependable.. ohh and I'm unique, just like everyone else!
what can you do for this community: I've been browsing your site for a while and it's really cute! Awesome Job! I would love to come and help out around here. I would love to come back and to keep visiting this site. I really like the people who post here and it would be fun to get to know you guys.. not to mention you're all gorgeous... hehe okay well that's all for now!!

3+ pictures of ME!

This is ME on a dolphin tour boat in alabama.

This is ME in my car before school.

This is ME on our balcony in Orange Beach, Alabama.

This is Anna (My best friend) and Me. She's the one with the pretzel in her mouth!


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