May 8th, 2004



okay guys. sorry i disappeared for a few days.

*i updated the accepted list on the front page for those of you who were accpeted and weren't on there.

and now i need to ask something from the accepted members.
promote at three places.
other communities or personal journals.
then put the links for where you promoted in a comment to this entry.

please and thank you.

more stuff to talk about.
so i covered the accepted list thing and the promotions, now onto the contest of the month.
i guess it has something to do with the promotion thing, but here it is.

__hottlikewhoa Contest of the Month

for the next month, try to get as many people to join this community as you possibly can.
at the end of their survey/questionaire, tell the person you asked to join to add this sentence.

[asked to join by]: *your LJ username*

the person who gets the most people to join this community gets their picture on the front page and probably something else too. i just haven't thought of it yet. maybe a co-mod spot if they really want it. maybe something else. i'm really not sure.

thank you guys a lottttt.

♥. katie.
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