May 3rd, 2004


moddddddddddd like whoooaaa.

okay. i love our layout right now.


but but but.


i am gonna change it.
i got a few messages from friends of mine on AIM saying that the community was just.. too bright or something. hard to read and such. so i'm going to change the colors but still use the same main idea as dear wonderful brittany made for us.



I know I'm not officially the banner maker person but this was my pathetic attempt at a banner. I think I'll promote using this one, I'm rather proud. The only thing is I can't do the fancy text, what paint program do u guys use?

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i was just reading everything and it says 15+ and then it said i was accepted except i deleted my comment cause by pictures didnt come out.. :\ im confused. should i re-apply?

<3 lauren

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