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kElso ♥


name:kelsey lee
location:birmingham, al
sexual preferance:i prefer men
birthday: 8.25.88

5 + bands:story of the year, dashboard confessional, coheed and cambria, the early november, taking back sunday
5 + movies: the notebook, dumb and dumber, night at the roxbury, old school, cruel intentions
actor: johnny depp
actress: halle berry
color: blue
2 + books: the notebook, a bend in the road

[[your opinions on]]
abortion:i believe in pro-life but i understand in situations like rape where you would have an abortion but i dont believe you should do it because your too young to take the responsibility on.. you werent too young to have sex.
gay marriage:i'm not, but if thats what you're all about then go for it.

who is your role model and why: my mother.. she is one of the most amazing people i know. Everyone loves her and she is the friendliest most honest person you'll ever meet.
describe yourself in one word: Suprising

[[last words]]
why should we accept you: i just want to see if i'm hottlikewhoa and i think you should accept me because i'll vote and promote and try to get as many people i can to join.
what can you do for this community: give my opinion and tell applicants the truth if they're hot or not when voting.

(then add 3+ pictures of yourself.)

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