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Alicia Keys, Hayden Panettiere, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Connely, and Tyra Banks is whats in store for you guys tonight. I took a couple of banners that I had made for different boards/forums and decided to turn them into icons. I will be sharing the banners as well. Follow my rules, community rules and everyone lives in harmony! BONUS Milo Ventimiglia headers/banners!


Alicia Keys [2]
Hayden Panettiere \ Claire Bennet [22]
Katherine Heigl [10]
Jennifer Connely [7]
Tyra Banks [11]
Michelle Branch [4]

Rest are here @ icons_whispered

Kenny Chesney Request

I was wondering if someone could please make me a Kenny Chesney colorbar and banner. I'm going to use it on my LJ and a message board so it needs to be 400 pixels by 200 pixels please . Could the color bar say "Kenny Chesney Is Love" and the banner say "No matter where my reckless soul takes me
Baby you save me" .You dont have to use all the pics either =)

Here are the links to the pictures:

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ok ....i know ive requested this already but noone ever got back to me on it...a while back i saw a header of the notebook that was sooo awesome! i was wondering if someone could make me one like that but of all diffrent pictures of Jessica Simpson instead of The Notebook and instead of quotes from the notebook,quotes from Jessica like dumb blonde moments or somthing. In the middle i want "Jessica...Americas favorite Blonde!". If someone could make this id appreciate it sooo much! thanks in advance and ill be sure to credit!