tinako62 (tinako62) wrote in __hottbanners__,

Hey everyone! My name is Christina and I just decided to open a community to post the hottest banners!! Here are the rules!!

1. First you have to join!
2. Anyone can post anything! If you would like to request a banner/header go right on ahead!! I'll try to make it as fast as I can but if anyone else wants to too go for it! Also anyone who wants to post any of their icons go ahead!

3. If you want to request something include the picture and whatever you want on it. If I have questions I'll just ask you. If you don't have the exact picture you want thats fine...I'll do my best to find one for you.

4. Feel free to just post any ideas you have for banners/headers. I'll post the ones I make on my free time, and any new ideas would be helpful!

5. All you have to do is comment if you take any. I appreciate any feedback...but I don't require credit because after all it will be placed on YOUR journal. However if some other than myself posts their work and asks for credit, please give it to them!

This is a fun community soo join so u can taking or requesting the things you want!!
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