tinako62 (tinako62) wrote in __hottbanners__,

Hey everyoneee... I'm back...well kind of... I live right outside of New Orleans and since the storm my life has been crazy....I have stayed in Mobile, Fort Walton and Pensacola. I went home this past week to clean up my house and stuff from Katrina, and then we evacuated back to Pensacola again because of Rita. I haven't had internet service in a while sooo sorry i havent been able to do any requests. I don't want this community to die sooooo if anyone could please help the people who have requested things...just try to make them, i'm sure they will appreciate it. I know that this weekend I will be staying here in Pensacola but on Sunday I am leaving to go back home and clean up again....and that means no internet. As soon as I get the internet set up again at home and everything isn't as crazy i'll start working on this site again.....but it may be a while sooo bare with me!!
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