Your Favorite Weapon (kickthebucket_) wrote in __hotlikewhoaa,
Your Favorite Weapon

don't let them scare you...

Name: kandis
Age: 15
Birthday: april 28th 1989
Location: hamilton, ontario canada.

Band(s): coheed and cambria, the used, thursday, alexisonfire, poison the well, bleeding through, as i lay dying.
Movies: finding nemo, gothika, jimmy neutron!
Books: i like poetry books.
Place to be: with my boyfriend or with my friends.. or computer
Quote: "the cool calm face of the river... asked me for a kiss"

Describe yourself in 3 words: hyper as hell
Where in the world would you like to visit, and why? japan, so i can dance around with pandas :)
Give us a lyric that best describes you. "i won't fail you now: (Oh God you're all fucked up for sure)"
How'd you find out about this community? looking through intrests.
Promote this community somewhere. Where'd you promote? on livejournal. and probably on my site im making.

Anything else? nope, dont think so.
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