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hot like whoa

Name: Katie
Age: 14
Birthday: 09/07/89
Location: so cal!

Band(s): i listen to all kinds of music, i don't understand why some people are so uptight about music and restrict themselves to only one genre, i think they're missing out-- but most of the time im listening to the cure or garbage.
Movies: naked gun 2 1/2, life as a house, my cousin vinny, harry potter (just the movies not the books), lotr
Books: almost anything by agatha christie, i also like skimming almanacs and looking at maps..
Food: bananas, frozen yogurt, margarita pizza, smoothies, salsa, cinnamon toast, cereal with orange juice(i practically live off that)
Place to be: at home without any homework to do(hah, like that will ever happen..)
Quote: "*giggles uncontrolably*"

Describe yourself in 3 words: determined, random, bubbly
Where in the world would you like to visit, and why? somewhere tropical because i *love* palm trees!!
Give us a lyric that best describes you: It's so insane, you've got me tethered and chained,
i hear your name and i'm falling over. <-- garbage, you look so fine
How'd you find out about this community? through interests
Promote this community somewhere. Where'd you promote? on my lj :)

Anything else?
ehhh. not really.. (*crosses fingers* please don't think im ugly, er)



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