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name: Belynda Rainey
age: 19
sex: Female
screen name: Isolation502BLuv
top ten bands: KoRn, Hanson, Lacuna Coil, FLAW, Type O Negative, Dope, Poison, Poison The Well, From Autumn To Ashes, And Hed (PE)
favorite song: Swan Dive (Into The Asphalt)
favorite lyrics: Swan Dive, B/c i was at a party and this guy was drunk as all hell, and he took a swan dive in to the asphalt, and that song jsut re-minds me of him... Sad thing is, i started dating him after that... Then he broke up with me for some chick that does drugs... Go Him... I also like Hanson's "With u in your dreams", even tho its about their grandmother, that song makes me think about my grandfather, When they sing, "...dont cry im with you, dont cry im by your side..." i know hes here with me...
favorite films: The Girl Next Door, The Rocky Horror Pitcher Show, The Secret Of N.I.M.H, Chicago, It Takes Two and The Crow
favorite book: i dont read that much, but i do like the book Dangerous Angels... If u see it out there, u should read it...
reason for application: I wanna meet new people... I enjoy meeting ppl even if they dont like what i pout on here... SORRY!!! NAd i think this is a very good app. B/c i said i like Hanson, and not very many ppl would have the GUST to say that...
atleast five photographs (of you):

 Me and my Boyfriend... I love him so much...

 Not trying to be sexy in any way... Its was a nice room in the house...

 Me and my boyfriend on our class trip... Woo Hoo!!!

 Me bored at home...

 Me all punked out ready for a show... KoRn and L.P.

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