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Stamped//Party time bitches!

So last night we had my friend Jeff's birthday party...We are all pretty wasted, but I think you will enjoy them lol

Iris and I are rock stars!

I got some new bling.

Jeff is his crown and glasses that I got him lol.
I bought Jeff a crown ^-^

Karla and I!
Karla and I...I look like shit...drunkness -_-

Chelsey and I!
Chelsey and I ^-^

Beta and I!
I look a little better in this one with Beta

Jeff and I...yeah wayyyyyy drunk lol

I swear Beta is secretly gay haha

Kristie and I...I loves her!

Lmao Dallas and I are always trying to be sexy...no matter how bad we fail haha.

Lol all the guys! Thats my boyfriend in the middle.

Jeff, Beta and my boyfriend Mike touching the ceiling o.o!

Mike tried to jump in the pick with Kristie and I.

haha Jeff and I again.

Lmao this is Big Drew lol.

Iris and myself.

Iris and her pirate face haha.

Jeff and Iris

Jenn, Kristie and myself


Love it!

Aww brother and sisters ^-^

Iris and Dallas were having sex in Randy's room so, Kristie tried to break in lol

Jenn also tried to get in.

Then Jeff tried!

Beta got in!

Aww I love my Jenn!

Jenn went down the stairs on a plastic lid o.o

Kristie fell down the stairs.

Ok now she is just over doing it!

Haha hope you enjoyed! ^-^

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