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for those of you who do not know my brother is married to a psycho.
he's had to put her in a mental hospital 3 times and they havent even been married a year.
he's in the navy and she thinks he should just quit the navy and go to jail for going awol because at least there she can visit him..
well my brother is out to sea right now on deployment where he will be for the next 5 months and today on faecbook I saw that her status was "cameron hates her husband and hopes he knows it"
well this pissed me off...but then i saw this on one of our mutual friend's pages.


I feel that I, being Keith's sister, need to address the below comment. I think its incredibly sad that anyone would wish death on anyone, especially their own husband when he's in the Navy, out at sea, doing something that half of the people in this country would be too afraid to do so he can get the tools and education he needs to provide his family with a better life in the future. Like it or not, the military is important and although I may not agree with the war in Iraq I do recognize that the Navy has done many wonderful things for people all around the world and I also recognize that it has helped my brother immensely. To speak poorly of the navy when its done so much for you already is one thing, to say that you wish your husband who was in the navy would die, is a complete different thing. And this is being VERY nice and trying to remove myself from the situation. Trust me if I wrote down how I feel about this situation...well... I'm not going to pollute this note with that much cursing. All I'm going to say is that Cameron should be ashamed of that. It truly is the most awful thing I've ever heard anyone saying or doing to their husband aside from cheating. I'm just completely disgusted right now. I have no words to describe how much reading that comment hurt me and angered me. I feel as though anyone would feel the exact same way. I normally would never do this, write a note for everyone to read just because I'm pissed off. You can see that by looking at my other notes and noticing that there are no others about any individuals or said individual. But this...this is a horse of a different color. This is the sickest, most godawful thing I believe has ever been said by the wife of a man in any branch of the military. Well I'm sure worse things have been said, but damn it this is my BROTHER we're talking about..not just some dude. I dont care what was said, or what was done to apparently deserve this but I can think of nothing. Especially considering how much the Navy has helped her. And considering how good Keith has been to her through the great number of hardships they have already been through in thier short marriage. If Keith were not such a strong man and good husband he would have not been able to get through the times, but he did, and now he's repayed with slander...on facebook no less. Not only was the below screenprint a problem, but a status change in which said psychopath said "Cameron hates her husband and hopes he knows it" was what first set me on this warpath. Now that the initial extreme anger has passed and my hands are no longer shaking, I'm just sad. I'm sad that my brother is out in the middle of the ocean where he will stay for a VERY long time and his wife, the person who is supposed to be his rock, his sanity, the most important woman in his life, is at home, enjoying her days badmouthing him over the internet. NO ONE should have to be put through that.
Now I know Cameron will probably read this and either completely go crazy on me and say all kinds of hurtful things to me because she's already slandered my brother, but I dont care. I have the right to my own opinion and honestly I've been keeping it quiet long enough as not to embarass her. But this was crossing the line. This was something that SOME ONE had to speak up about. This could NOT be pused aside. Also if Cameron decides to comment here with some sort of apology and lame excuse, not buying that one either. You type something, you post it, you read it. Her status had been that for TEN HOURS and the comment had been on there the same amount of time. If she really regretted it or had any intention of feeling bad about it she would have deleted it by now.
So the point of this note is actually not a negative one. Actually its to do something that may in fact help cameron or at the very least smack her and tell her whats up. If anyone has any words of support for MY BROTHER in the navy, or stories comments etc about the GOOD THINGS the Navy does for this country and the rest of the world please post them. I will forward words of encouragement to my brother and I'm sure especially after this fiasco he will appreciate them. As for the second part, maybe if Cameron reads some of the good things the Navy has done she'll lay off my brother for being gone and wise up to the fact that what he's doing is good for her and good for him in the long run...and that there is NO LOGICAL REASON to get so angry and violent about something so beneficial.


sorry to vent...I'm just so upset.
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