so the other day i stepped on the scale and realized...wow i lost 50 lbs this year... i dont know how that happened.
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thank you so much everyone who commented on my last post...
the feedback was appreciated...its good to know that im not the only person who sees how much of a psycho she is considering my parents wont even get pissed off with me...

intense anger. x posted

for those of you who do not know my brother is married to a psycho.
he's had to put her in a mental hospital 3 times and they havent even been married a year.
he's in the navy and she thinks he should just quit the navy and go to jail for going awol because at least there she can visit him..
well my brother is out to sea right now on deployment where he will be for the next 5 months and today on faecbook I saw that her status was "cameron hates her husband and hopes he knows it"
well this pissed me off...but then i saw this on one of our mutual friend's pages.

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sorry to vent...I'm just so upset.