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Reviewing Fairly--One Person at a Time

You want to be Reviewed?

We review YOU throughly
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All Members , Moderated

Come here if you want to hear exactly what people think of every part of you; from your life, your personality, and your looks. From us you won't get a simple 'yes' or a 'no.' You'll hear exactly WHY we feel that way, which really makes a lot more sense don't you think? If you do post to be reviewed, make sure that you are willing to give a great review. Give your reasons, and be detailled when voting on other people. And don't take it personally if you get insulted; we are here to be honest, and that's a risk you're going to have to take when you post here.

1) Make sure you fill out every part of your application (Which can be found below)

2) Place your application behind a cut.

3) Don't post more than 3 photos, don't post less than one. Also, don't put about 10 photos into one - no more than 3 pictures total!

4) Don't comment on other peoples posts, or post your own *other than your application* until you are stamped. Of course, you may respond to comments people leave on your application if you wish before you are stamped.

NEW: Use a different journal to join communities with? Obviously you'll do better posting from your personal journal, so that we can properly review you. Of course, you can leave a note to say that you would like your community journal to be added instead though.

5) The most important rule: Make sure you vote on at least 2 people out of every 10. (Obviously more is preferred) I (kaycar11) keep logs of who has voted and who hasn't, and if you do not vote on 2 out of 10 you will be placed on an inactivity list. If you are on the inactivity list twice in a row you will be booted out of the community.

6) Please try and be nice to the other members; but you don't have to be to the applicants - it's your choice!

7) You may make stamped posts, just make sure they are behind a cut that mentions you are a stamped member. You can make stamped posts on pretty much anything; whether you are contributing to a photo theme (which will begin shortly) or just for the sake of posting! Please, no stupid or pointless posts however.

8) There is no set way of voting. As long as there is a mark out of 10 for journal, out of 10 for personality, and out of 10 for looks, it's up to you. However, there is an idea for how you could vote listed below under the application.

You don't have to use this way if you don't want to, but it's preferred.

Bio: Review the bio, leaving a mark out of 2
Layout: Review the layout, leaving a mark out of 2
Entries: Read some entries, leaving a mark out of 3
Description: Read their views on the journal, leaving a mark out of 3.
Final Score/10
(( Please note that it isn't neccessary to vote using this scheme - though it is suggested, as long as it is out of 10 it does not matter))

There isn't really too much in a way of scheme here - it's completely up to you!
Final Score/10

While I prefer to vote as a whole, you can judge per photo. The is also the method of voting each photo out of 3 (If there are 3 photos, of course!) and then giving a bonus point if he thinks it is deserved.
Final Score/10

Give a total mark out of 30 = 18 or over is a yes!

Here it is in "Handy-Form"--

kaycar11 (Maintainer and Creator)
furbygurl (Maintainer and Mod)
shimmernshine13 (Very Helpful Mod)

Here are User made Accepted and Rejected Banners


(these are alphabetical, and then in order of number ranking)
aheartparade 28.8
a_simple_secret 23.75
babysgotatemper 23.5
_broken_faerie_ 22.4
brownheartgo 22.3
crimsonvenom 21.5
dyingt0reachy0u 19.6
xdying__insidex 18
feduprainbowkid 25.6
furbygurl 24.4
cminorandstatic 20
meggiebaby23 21.3
shleysmusic 28
_silent_letter_ 27.25
savexmyxday 24.6
salviblood 23.25
snoweypie 23.25
tomrwsantherday 26.2
traptinside7788 25.2

Users that Left. We still love you! ♥


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