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__hommelodies's Journal

Homemade Melodies
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A Community For SongWriters
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Please Read Before Joinning

Currently, I'd love anyone to come over and join this community. But, first I was this to be a SERIOUS songwriter community. I don't think I'll tolerate various spams or "omfg he said she said that he say blach". I really don't like chat speak either so please refrain.

Here are some requirements:

1. Your intrested in songwriting and good songs in general.
2. You have a basic grasp of notes, chords, and music theory.
3. Your pretty darn intresting.
4. You will respect everyone's opinions even though you don't agree
5. I am your almighty ruler of the world and you shall pay hommange every hour of every second tuesday of the week. (just kidding)
6. You play and/or are intrested in playing an instrument.
7. You have answered the survey as your first post.
8. There are no profanities

Will Be Subject To Change Without Notice

The Survey
Please Put Under A LJ Cut

Location (optional) :
favorite song:
favorite lyric and why:
favorite genre of music:
something intresting:
instrument you play:
do you write your own music:
rate your love of music ( 1 being low, 10 being high ):

Mod Info
Yeah, mods get these cool celebrity type things because we're cool like that

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Kneil Kameron

Date Of Birth: November 2, 1989

Role Models: Justin Aparte, John Mayer

Skills: Vocal, Guitar, Violin

Mini Bio:

An outgoing, and estastic guy. Kneil, has the spunk of Jimmy Hendrix (at least he wishes), and the musical urge of John Mayer (yet again, he wishes), he indeed has a few tricks up his sleeve. Justin, his brother, Aparte, inspired him to he take up guitar. Although prior to this, he had studied violin for three years, and keyboard for half a week. Kneil Aparte, was the leading role in his first musical production, played in various orchestral performances, preformed in 2 choral concerts and won his first talent show at age 15. Kneil now writes his own songs, plays a few covers here and there for his friends and is bi-instrumental (plays more than one instrument).

On The Record: "I'm so ready to get out there and spill my feelings on a fretboard. I just need to find out which frets I can spill them in to." --Random Phone Conversation With Friends

Coming Attractions: Orchestra October Concert. Jazz Band December Concert. Garage Band rehersals.


http://www.irenejackson.com/tips.html - Seems Good. I think you should check it out.
http://www.rhymer.com/ - Rhyming dictionary incase you have a hard time rhyming.
http://www.musesmuse.com/ - Found this all over the place. So I thought I'd put it down. (good info)

To Members:

Members, if you want to submit pictures, like sheet music, wallpapers, anything in particular that is related to music or songwriting. We have a community photobucket account.

Username: HomeMelodies
Password: songwriting


Alright. right here is a affiliate tag for you guys who want to promote this community.

This Here Is The Code


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PerfectPitch: Think ya can listen to the intervals between C and C#/Dflat? Wanna talk about it? Get your butt over here. This is a wonderful community with a link to an actual test that determines if you really got perfect pitch.

_________jm:For the John Mayer fan in us all (really great links). warning you have to be into the music. Not just the face.