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LET ME BE THE FIRST TO TELL YOU (in the eastern time zone)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!one!!11!!!

look, the presents are here right on time, too!
the incredibles, king arthur, brit spears,
james marsters, my chemical romance, evanescence...

totally random fandoms. look, i rhymed!
consider these my gifts, to you all <3

teaser like whoah

clickCollapse )

i don't kiss strange men { neither do i }

TEH NEW ICON-FAD :: words in another language, like french.

why, yes! I did make that little fad up. But it's going to be the new fad. Once I tell everyone it is. Then they'll be like "ooooooh brittanyyyyy ooooooooooh you are liek sooooooooooooooooo coooooooooollllll x 2048808048000835972009098450924597345987310450824534~!!!!one!!!11!!

oh yeah, icons. i have those. they're all from closer,or actors from closer, oh and there's one eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, and one from requiem for a dream, and one...

click for icons of teh effed up love of the bestest movie (alongside moulin rouge)... CLOSER. And then someCollapse )

<3 brittany
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entry the first.

welcome to my new icon and such posting community (aka, a journal for me.)

please join, i'll add you back. it'll be fun. like butta'.


ETA: no, no i take that back. i don't know how to add people. i forgot this was a community, not a journal journal. oh well. just know that i would add you back, if i knew how! :)