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pimps and hoes



Location:Rhode Island:

Age:14, 15 in a week:

Boyfriend/Girlfriend:no: (Post pictures)

TEN Favorite Bands: Phish, Bob Marley, Led Zeppilin, The beatles, My Chemical ROmance, The Used, Dispatch, Hawthorne Heights, The Who:

FIVE Favorite Movies:Oceans 11, South Park Bigger longer and uncut, Gone in 60 seconds, dodgeball, bily madison:

FIVE Favorite Books: The Green Mile, The Shining, The Giver, Rainbow Six, The Da Vinci Code:

Top THREE Favorite Colors:Green, Blue, Orange:

Top THREE Favorite Foods: Movie Theatre Popcorn, Cinnomon Toast, Garlic Bread:

--Other Good Stuff
Describe your self in 3 sentences: I like to do a lot of things aside from the normal: like hang around with friends and play the guitar etc.. I like to write and stuff, but i suck at art. I dont know, im not like a jock or aything, but do like to play sports.:

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?:I want to find someone I can spend the rest of my life with, and be succesful and hopefully not die young:

Who is your favorite mod:idk any of you, but im gonna say the third one on the list in the community info, john Henry:

Tell or show us something funny:

Anything you wanna tell us?: I think this community is a cool idea, voting and all. O yea, and im not really in any communities, but i will join some and promote it.:

At least 2-5 Pictures of yourself, MUST BE CLEAR, easy on the photoshop.
& a random picture.

( it’s a didgeridoo)


Promote us to TWO communities and give us the proof, we will check!!

(this is in a random community called, community )

this is in communities

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