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Name::CaiyLah Fyscher
Location::Marysville WA
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:: (Post pictures)My boyfriend is Hardcorelosers hes already a member=).

TEN Favorite Bands::Primus, Alice DOnut, Black happy, Coheed and Cambria, Fear, Thrice, NMMQ, The Beatles, Incubus, Creation.
FIVE Favorite Movies::The Big Lebowski, Fasttimes at Ridgemont high, Kingpin, Rushmore, Caddyshack.
FIVE Favorite Books::Green eggs and Ham, The cat in teh hat, Fox in socks, The Lorax, Stalker.
Top THREE Favorite Colors:: Bright Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green.
Top THREE Favorite Foods::Cheese, Burritos, Tacos.

--Other Good Stuff
Describe your self in 3 sentences::::I am kinda funny, and creative. Won most creativly orignal at school. I play soccer, but don't like it much. And I like hanging out w/ my friends all teh time.
What are your hopes and dreams for the future?::I really really really wanna be a cartoonist.
Who is your favorite mod::Chrissy.usedbandaid
Tell or show us something funny::

Sorry if it isnt that funny.
Anything you wanna tell us?::I Like Lions.
At least 2-5 Pictures of yourself, MUST BE CLEAR, easy on the photoshop.
& a random picture.

Heres a Random Picture:

Promote us to TWO communities and give us the proof, we will check!!
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