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Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate

City of Dis
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The End Times are upon us and the Gates of Hell have been thrown fully open. All are welcome to join us in the Inferno but remember, the stay is for the long haul.

We are looking for willing (and not so willing) souls and demons to join in reverance of the Seven Deadly Sins, Damnation and Hedonism. Help us plot the fall of humanity as we know it!! Torture, mayhem and nudity! Spill the blood of innocents upon the ground! Just know this, while in Hell there is a Hierarchy to be followed. Since this community is new the ranks have not been filled out and applications are being accepted. Postions are as follows (and community rules dictate that one must always defer to those of a higher rank):

High Regent, Master of Darkness, Lord of Evil
Our Most Distinguished Excellency necromancer
The Seven Deadly Sins (representatives of the Sins are needed)
Vanity: xarion_rex, Wrath: phulkrum, Lust: impulsorrhea

Archdukes of Hell (5 slots open)
Dukes of Hell (7 slots open)
Barons of Hell (7 slots open)
Cardinals of the Blood (8 slots open)
Her Eminence gothikprincess1, Her Eminence stillbourne
Archbishops of Hell (13 slots open)
Bishops (17 slots open)
Priests of Darkness (slots open to be determined)
Lost Souls (all others without titles)

Outside of the Hierarchy are the Dark Templars; Unholy Knights that fight for the cause.
They answer to the Regent and to the Seven Deadly Sins.
Dark Templar midnytetragedy
(19 slots open)

Upon joining:
Whats your fucking name?
How old are you?
Your sex?
Your favorite Sin?
Name one of your vices.
Post a picture of yourself if you've got it. You better.

Now get started.