mod :: THEME! according to surfintiger69

well rather than the normal theme where we post a word and you take pictures of yourself in reflection to that... we've got a scavenger hunt:

items to find:
  • Something expired
  • An animal's foot
  • something embarassing
  • Something from your childhood
  • Something that can be phallic.
  • Something expensive
  • Something old
  • Something that you're proud of
  • an old picture of yourself
  • something in a dirty position (ie stuff animals)
  • a new picture of yourself
  • something in your bedroom that's different from everyone elses
  • something you made
  • some kind of random art that you made in elementary school that for some reason you still have
  • a shout out to surfintiger69. ^^ (look at his profile for examples)

    oh and i upped the points for everything when i put in the new survey thing. so you get 20 points for participating in a theme... but since this isnt your normal theme, i'll give 40 points to who ever participates.

    good luck foos.

    <33 mella.
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