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Stamped//heart is on the floor

so today i re-read my application that i filled out when i was 14.
im now 16.
and i swear, if that was me reading someone elses, id say no!
so im going to re do it.
and see how much has changed.
read it or not.
im really just pretty bored.

1. Name:Brittney
2. Age:16
3. Sex:GIRL.
4. Location:Dirty Jersey
5. Heart breaker, broken, or in love? (pics?):My heart is numb.

6. Bands [10]:
  • The Early November
  • The Format
  • Chiodos
  • Hellogoodbye
  • Death Cab For Cutie
  • Spitalfield
  • Thursday
  • Funeral For A Friend
  • MxPx(till the end of time<3)
  • Bright Eyes
    7. Books [3]:
  • Running With Scissors-Agusten Burroughs
  • Pure Sunshine-Bryan James
  • Go Ask Alice
    8. Movies [5]:
  • Lords Of Dogtown
  • Elephant
  • Thirteen
  • Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
  • Fight Club
    9. TV Shows [3]:
  • The OC
  • Degrassi
  • Project Runway
    10. Quote:"living well is the best revenge"
    11. Article of clothing (pics?):
    Probably my heart flats. i dont have a picture, im not one to take pictures of my feet :) or my star sweatshirt.

    12. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Fashion Photography, Married or in love, Figuring out what i want to do with my life besides photography.
    13. Every heartbroken kid needs a laugh. Tell us a joke:I still suck at jokes. but my brother told me this one the other day. he said he made it up. either way, i laughed .
    Q-How did hellen keller meet her husband?
    A-A Blind date.
    harharhar. i know not too funny. maybe you just had to be there.
    14. If you had one wish, what would it be?To find someone who loves me.
    15. Do you have any special talents or hobbies you would like to share?im pretty untalented. but i live for photography
    16. What do you think is your best physical feature? Worst?Best? Hair. Worst- Body.
    17. What are 3 of your good personality traits? 2 bad?Good-1-im really nice 2-im open to anything 3-im a sweetheart Bad-1. I can be a big bitch to you if i dont like you 2. Im really sarcastic.
    18. Tell us something random about yourself:What ifi dont want to?
    19. Make up your own question and answer it: Q-Why are you filling out this application again?A- I have no idea.

    Your Opinions On...
    20. "The Scene:" I dont even care about "labels" anymore. Do what you want, and have fun doing it. thats what i say.
    21. Religion:I dont have a religion, i was never baptized, but i believe there is a higher power than humans, his name is chuck norris. actually im just kidding. I give people who are very religious a lot of credit for being able to have such strong beliefs. I wish i was able to believe in something and stick with it.
    22. Drugs/Alcohol/sXe:drugs- I cant say anything, i wont lie, yeah, ive smoked pot before, whatever. It's something to do. I'm not into it anymore but i say do what you want to do, its your choice, and if your choice is to spend 20 dollars on a high then be my guest. Alcohol I like to drink on occasion. It can be fun. As i said about drugs, do as you please, its your decision completely. I wont tell you how to have fun if you dont tell me how to have fun. Deal? sXe I give credit to the kids who can stay straight edge. It takes some pretty great will power. Good for you guys for sticking for what you believe in, but dont preach it. Keep it to yourself.
    23. Gay Marriages:I support gay marriages. End of story. Love Is LOVE.
    24. Your mom:My mom is my best friend, my enemy, and a royal pain in the ass all at once. All in all, i love her to death, no matter how much she can drive me nuts.
    25. Abortion:ABORTION PUNCH!. just kidding. I think its the girls choice. Who are you to tell someone t hey cant get rid of a baby? If they cant support it, why make it suffer a life of poverty or posisbly being born like, drug addicted?

    Community Questions
    26. What makes you so HeartxCore? I already am
    27. Why should we let you in this community?Because im already in?
    28. How did you find this community? If it was someone's promo, whos was it?Do i need to say it again? im already in!
    29. Please list the places (yes, more than one) you promoted. If you didn't promote, don't even bother sending in your application: i promote so much for this communitiy. i'll pass this time <3
  • your mom
  • your mom
  • your mom

    30. [at least 3]

    i love having one eye... not.

    these are my bug glasses:) i love them.
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