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Something expired
not really "expired" but someone stole that iPod and im sure if i still had that frappichino it would be expired.
Image hosted by charles, i found him in the woods, you can see his feet)
An animal's foot
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something embarassing
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Something from your childhood

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Something that can be phallic.
haha me and my brother are SO mature.
thats on the top of barnegate light house in Long beach island,NJ
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Something expensive
that acoustic bass was $1500
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Something old
blonde hair, my old house, and i was 13 or something in that picture haha
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Something that you're proud of
(in general, my photography because its the only thing i work hard at.)
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an old picture of yourself

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something in a dirty position (ie stuff animals)
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a new picture of yourself
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something in your bedroom that's different from everyone elses
me and my friend nicole wrote a story about how imagine if we were like realllly fat like 900 pounds and we ran down the hallway to get doughnuts and crushed everyone in our pretty sure no one else has thought of that hahah

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something you made

.... i dont have anything like this.
some kind of random art that you made in elementary school that for some reason you still have

i cant make one because my cameras batteries are dead so as soon as i get batteries ill make one :)
a shout out to surfintiger69. ^^ (look at his profile for examples)

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