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My name is Beth. I'm new here. Joined a little while ago, but haven't had a chance to say hi just yet. I do now so that's what I'm doing. (BTW, from here on, I will be signing as "Shammy." There is a reason but it's complicated.

Age: 24
Location: NYC
Female/Male: female
In a relationshp: yep- and with the best man on earth
Sexual orientation: straight.

Favorite book: the Bible. :)
Favorite movie: tough one. Hm... I have a couple... Chicago is up there...
Favorite color: blue or purple

Picture of you? not at the moment but you can look at my user icon.

Why'd you join Heartbook? just need somewhere to type. got a baby coming so there's lots to talk about. :)

There's just this guy

Age: 15-ish
Location: southern New Hampshire, US
Female/Male: Female
In a relationship: I don't think so
Sexual Orientation: straight

Favorite Book: Books never really did much for me after the amnesia
Favorite movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show - I remember that party we went to when he tried acting out the whole thing, and we ended up singing about transylvania while everyone left the room creeped out.
Favorite Color: Blue, it's really calming. But i never wear it or use it.

Picture of me us: 
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Why'd you join Heartbook? Because I'll post so much. I never, never stop talking about him. I know he's just...
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Dear Ass-wipe,

I posted you on http://www.womansavers.com for all the world to see how you cheated on me and hurt me emotionally and physically. I pray that you will never hurt another but I know because you are good looking and charming, another prey will fall trap in your web of lies.

Someday a greater power will judge you but until that time I will let the world know my story.

Forever Scarred
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Age: 17
Location: Florida
Female/Male: female
In a relationshp: "It's [way too] complicated"
Sexual orientation: straight

Favorite book: Feed by M.T. Anderson
Favorite movie: You Only Live Twice
Favorite color: purple

Why'd you join Heartbook? To have a place to express things that I cannot say to the boy I love.
hips jeans

new member

I hope I do all this right.

Age: 19
Location: Peru, NE [United States]
Female/Male: Female
In a relationshp: Yes.
Sexual orientation: Bisexual [dating a female]

Favorite book: Briar Rose by Jane Yolen
Favorite movie: Currently 'V for Vendetta'. All time, 'The Little Mermaid'.
Favorite color: Silver, hot pink, mud green, plum

Why'd you join Heartbook? Looked interesting.

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