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Hi! I'm new to this community and I might as well introduce myself. My name is Jennie, I work at haylieduff.net and I'm going to promote this community at my site. Also, I'll try to post icons and other stuff here.
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7th Heaven

to anyone who's lurking and havent joined yet (because this community is still farely new)...have u been watching Haylie on 7th Heaven??

it looks like her and Simon might hook up! ;) oo i hope they do. i hope he dumps his crazy ass girlfriend/fiance and goes for Haylie's character Sandy. then maybe them two will get married and Haylie will appear on future seasons of the show!

fuck, im a genius..hahahaha :p
  • saiyit


Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Haylie Duff LJ Community (the very first one too, i believe)

I figure there aren't many fans right now...but since she's appearing on more tv shows and movies, im hoping her fanbase will grow; As will this community :D

I hope to have a cool layout up and running sometime soon. *crosses fingers*