Non-Judgment Day is coming


Last year someone from a Nightmare Before Christmas community made this for me!

Isn't it amazing? Isn't the animation amazing?? I LOVE the animation! Really makes it stick out...

The thing is, THIS year's party is less than a month away and I need a new one for this year.

But when my computer died the third time this last year, and finally really did give up the ghost for sure (no pun intended), I lost the name of the artist, so I can't ask them to do one for me this year.

HELP ME SOMEONE! Tell me what to do, where to go, where to make a request, tell me if YOU are the person who made this!

This year's should say Read more...Collapse )

Please help...


wow i can't believe were still getting members.
we were dead for a while but thanks for keeping it alive
i've gotten a new job at state farm and it's hard to keep up with everything.
the community is and open community we just use apps to get to know ya.
thanks again guys
be kool have fun get into trouble!
for sale BOOTS info 3 pixCollapse )thanks for your time.
i went to hot topic ::shutters:: to check out the sale rack for a red shirt for my rogue costume (no luck) but i did find these.
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