July 30th, 2005



state your name: Camie
Age: 16
Whats your Purpose: to take over the world with an army of hedgehogs.
How did you get here: just searching for the subject of halloween
Give at least 5 quotes from any of the topics [notify them as well aka "quote"- quoter]: "Its show time!" -Beatle juice "I miss the cupcake :'(" -Gir "and since i am dead i can take off my head to recite
shakespearean quotations"- Jack (NMBC) "and if i'd known then what i know now i wouldn't have had my little accident"- the secretary from beatle juice "HIII BABYYY!!"- Gir

Who would win in a battle between All Mighty Tallest red or purple: Tallest Red ..just because
at least 4 pictures of yourself: i only have drawn pictures of myself..does that count??
any merch. of any of the topics. dolls, playing cards and such: invader zim shirts, a sally doll, special edition Nightmare before christmas dvd, the original VHS of Nightmare before christmas, Beatlejuice on dvd and vhs...and abunch of other movies *Nods*
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