February 1st, 2005


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joining the masses. yey.

state your name: chelsea
Age: 20
Whats your Purpose: hell if i know
How did you get here: jhonen vasquez search
Give at least 5 quotes from any of the topics [notify them as well aka "quote"- quoter]:
happy noodle boy: fucking donut!! mock me? you fried cyclops!!

happy noodle boy: my scheme is complete!! soon all the children of the world will be dipped in fung-lum sweet and sour sauce!! they will be sweet! and sour!! HAH!!

bill boggs: you can't buy the necessities of life with cookies.

ichabod crane: did you move the body?
dr. lancaster: yes.
ichabod crane: you must NEVER move the body.
dr. lancaster: why?
ichabod crane: [pauses to think] because.

selina kyle (catwoman): i don't like normal men, they always let you down. the sick ones don't scare me, at least they're committed.

Who would win in a battle between All Mighty Tallest red or purple: red maybe?
at least 4 pictures of yourself: http://groups.msn.com/junglecat/me.msnw most of them are of me
any merch. of any of the topics. dolls, playing cards and such: o.0
johnny the homicidal maniac comic books
spooky squeak toy
lots of skulls and pumpkins