vinilla_bunni (vinilla_bunni) wrote in __halloweentown,

state your name: Sharreen
Age: 16
Whats your Purpose: To live a good life.
How did you get here: I came out of the womb and then I think I screamed
Give at least 5 quotes from any of the topics [notify them as well aka "quote"- quoter]:
Gir: Awww it likes me.
Dib: What out for that puppy
Gaz: I will destroy you
Jack: I can't believe this is happening to me???
Roman Dirge: They're horrible,hideous,fluffy!!! Zombie Bunnies.
Who would win in a battle between All Mighty Tallest red or purple: Probably red...because purple likes snacks to much.
at least 4 pictures of yourself: latter...I have to pee right now.
any merch. of any of the topics. dolls, playing cards and such: I have lots. Shirts,DVD, patches,sticker...the list goes on
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