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OBEY THE FIST! [entries|friends|calendar]
lovers of everything HALLOWEEN

“Without fail!! EVERY time I leave my house, it’s as if I’ve given up my every right to be left alone,
or treated with respect!!! You flies with your unyielding little minds!!!
You think my difference from you
is an excuse to ‘comment’ on me, as if I were on DISPLAY for you!!!
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3 N.B.C. Figures that must go! [19 Jul 2011|12:49am]

Tons of figurines, manga, DVDs, Posters, misc. that must go!

From Gundam Seed, Kuroshitsuji, ToraDora, Jigoku Shoujo, Higurashi, Persona, Hetalia, Saint Seiya, xxxHolic, Macross, Inuyasha with a giant Mikuru figurine!


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New Tim Burton fansite! [04 May 2008|08:02pm]

Hi! I made a new Tim Burton fansite - Nightmare King! You can find there all Tim's poems, artworks, filmography, biography, etc. Just check this out!!!



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Handmade Sally Costume...On Ebay [12 Oct 2007|12:42am]

It took me three days to make this dress...I hope it is well liked
Sally on ebay



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Corpse Bride Handmade Costume [09 Oct 2007|09:08pm]

I made this Corpse Brice costume and am selling on Ebay...check it out..


mom made this one



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[24 Jun 2007|08:15pm]

[ mood | numb ]

hello everybody
My name is crystal
I am 20 year old ........
I am a big fan of Nightmare before Christmas ..............
nice to meet you all .........
see you later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Application [22 Feb 2007|08:36pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Name: Guessswho
Age: 16
Purpose: The universe is purposeless, haven't you got that yet?
"Dear Die-ary; today I stuffed some dolls full of dead rats I put in the blender. I'm wondering if maybe, there really is something wrong with me." -Johnny, JtHM #1
2) "Mommy's ignoring you honey. Go bother your father, he's in his study."-Squee's mom, JtHM #1
3) "On a crowded street, I could drain a flower vendor of all his blood, and not get caught!!! People would scream and vomit and yet, somehow, I would walk away unscathed. I could do that!!! . . . oh, wait . . . I did do that!!!" -Johnny, JtHM #3
4) "Sometimes . . . you can cry until there is nothing wet in you. You can scream and curse to where your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray all you want to whatever god you think will listen. And, still, it makes NO difference. It goes on, with no sign as to when it might release you. And you know that if it ever did relent . . . It would not be because it cared." -Johnny, JtHM #5
5) "I've done horrifying things with salad tongs. It's really eaten into my social life." -Johnny,  JtHM #6
Who would win: Both of them are useless, so who cares?
Pictures: Got none. So sorry.
Stuff: JtHM #s 1 and 5. Forget what else at the moment.

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Nny/Zim [22 Feb 2007|08:32pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Thank God for Jhonen Vasquez. Seriously, man.

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Is there anyone out there? [28 Dec 2006|03:35pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I am once again putting out the feelers for a comic book artist.
I have a story, the background of characters and first adventure.
It's about a group of five kick ass chicks who fight everything from aliens to zombies.

I would like to work with an artist who likes to draw beautiful women and kewl weapons.
Drop me a line if you are interested in talking about my idea or you know someone who might be interested.

Hope your day is great

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Hello Kitty Quilt and Nightmare Before Christmas inspired purse on ebay [11 Oct 2006|09:39pm]

Check out these auctions that are ending soon on ebay!!!!



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Baltimore One Sheet [23 May 2006|10:08am]

Thanks to Paul St. Amand, Baltimore now has a gorgeous official One Sheet Poster. It really feels like a *real* film to me now. It's pretty exciting for me :)

For those who will be in Vancouver....the premiere screening will be on Friday June 23rd at the Vancouver International Film Centre at Davie and Seymour. Doors open at 12pm and the screening starts at 12:30pm.


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[08 May 2006|11:39pm]


since Tim Burton is a big influence on this, he has 2 new films

Beleive It Or Not


both are pre-production just now

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[08 May 2006|10:48pm]

hallo does anyone post here at all anymore?

(if i rule McMeaty?)

[24 Nov 2005|06:16pm]

ApplicationCollapse )

(if i rule McMeaty?)

[24 Nov 2005|02:48pm]



+ An icon challenge community for Tim Burton movies.
+ Challenges every week.
+ Place 1st, 2nd, 3rd or special and recieve a banner and possibly more.
+ First challenge already posted - enter now!

<3 slicingxmod

(if i rule McMeaty?)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! [31 Oct 2005|07:30am]



be safe have fun and bring lots of pictures of your costumes!

(if i rule McMeaty?)

my clothing community [22 Oct 2005|03:22pm]



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Are My Sins Divine? [02 Oct 2005|09:26pm]

[ mood | blah ]

ApplicationCollapse )

(if i rule McMeaty?)

HELP!!!! [21 Sep 2005|09:10am]

Last year someone from a Nightmare Before Christmas community made this for me!

Isn't it amazing? Isn't the animation amazing?? I LOVE the animation! Really makes it stick out...

The thing is, THIS year's party is less than a month away and I need a new one for this year.

But when my computer died the third time this last year, and finally really did give up the ghost for sure (no pun intended), I lost the name of the artist, so I can't ask them to do one for me this year.

HELP ME SOMEONE! Tell me what to do, where to go, where to make a request, tell me if YOU are the person who made this!

This year's should say Read more...Collapse )

Please help...

(if i rule McMeaty?)

MOD//MAJOR UPDATE A SALE [18 Sep 2005|06:52pm]

wow i can't believe were still getting members.
we were dead for a while but thanks for keeping it alive
i've gotten a new job at state farm and it's hard to keep up with everything.
the community is and open community we just use apps to get to know ya.
thanks again guys
be kool have fun get into trouble!
for sale BOOTS info 3 pixCollapse )thanks for your time.
i went to hot topic ::shutters:: to check out the sale rack for a red shirt for my rogue costume (no luck) but i did find these.
Goggle goodnessCollapse )

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Twitching Crackbabies Batman! [02 Aug 2005|07:06pm]

[ mood | amused ]

It's so addictive... I'm sure you all are warped and twisted enough to find this as entertaining as I do...


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