im sorry the last two entrys went the way they did,
i've just been trying to post some stoney pictures...

>_< damn html codes!

so here they go!!!

I marijuana

{ if this doesnt work this time im gonna punch my laptop}
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after a night of fun

here's some funny-ass pictures cate {rubyhaze} drew at my house, after a night o partyin!

Our version of the lion king. ( thats supposed to be SIMBA, not simda)

i've always wondered this myself.

my favorite person in the world.

More to come later

<3 cate and amanda
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andy bernard

random art farts.

i haven't been drawing on paint much lately, i've been busy with school and work. but i have been able to fit a few ideas in, but mostly the last two band cartoons were my top priority, and those took a lot of my creative power source (whatever that might prove to be):


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