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colorguard community for livejournal
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this is a guard community for livejournal and it's meant for people interested in the musical sports of both winterguard and colorguard...
1. please don't bash other guards... this is meant to be friendly
2. please don't say anything that may offend people... try to be considerate
3. if anyone has any guard icons or colorbars etc, please ask the person or give credit...
4. if you have some kind of vendetta against the sport of guard, this isn't you're community... go find the anti guard one

if you break any of these rules you will be warned by the moderator (me) once, and if you continue to break them, you will be asked to leave the community

and i found this on a colorguard website...
Guard is spending most, if not all, of your free time practicing something that will not get you a job. It will not get you money. It probably will not even give you personally any awards, yet guard is an award all in itself. It is striving to be the best you can be. It is getting along with other people no matter how much you do not want to. It is spending every Saturday performing your heart out just for the sake of knowing what life is truly all about. Guard is smiling through that last half hour of practice, no matter how much you want to go home. It is coming together with other people who love guard as much as you. It is becoming a better team player. It is overcoming fear. It is performing. It is bettering yourself in many subject areas, all at once.

Guard is Math:
It is rhythmically based on the subdivision of time in music. It incorporates various angles, sequences and geometric shapes on a plane.

Guard is Language:
It is a language all its own that expresses an emotion or tells a story through movement. It uses many aspects brought together to provide the entire picture much as sentences form a paragraph.

Guard is Science:
It is a study of physics. Equipment must be accurately utilised to create a desired effect based on force, speed, and reactions.

Guard is History:
History, as the study of people, is a major part of the guard environment. Guard is the allowing of very different people to find a common ground. It is influenced by the past and influences the future as it goes along.

Guard is a Sport:
It is a test of physical dexterity, stamina, hand-eye coordination, body control, strength, and balance. It is a game that we play as a team, bettering ourselves through practice, both on our own and as a unit. It is competitive. We compete against ourselves to become better, as well as against other guards for awards. It has fans, as any sport does. It has those that are fans of the sport, as well as those fond of a particular group alone. They are with us through thick and thin, whether we win or lose. They give back what we give to them.

Guard is Art:
It is a performing art of the greatest degree. It involves the audience through music, color, excitement, story lines, dance, and a flair that is unique to each performing unit.

Guard is Education:
It is learning, trying new things, and doing things you may be uncomfortable doing. It is learning about others, as well as yourself. It is learning about the world around us.

Guard is Life:
It is beauty, love, talent, cooperation, learning, challenges, and raw emotion. It is becoming the best person you can possibly be. It is the greatest natural high.

and besides... that marching show would have been so boring without us

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