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The Beginnings...

Ok, so many of you are probably interested as to how 'Groupie Clothing' got started. We could lie to you all and say it came about after one of us had a great night with a rock band but that would be lying...

Skip back a the summer... Two girls, after speaking online for over a year had finally met up in person and had become bloody good friends. They, along with a few others, were sitting on an overcrowded tube carriage.

Now Hannah was a shy girl, you know the kind… easily embarrassed, wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Anyway Steph and Hannah's friends loved to take advantage of her shy nature, and they took to shouting scandalous remarks on the London underground for the entire world to hear.

If Hannah had had half a brain, she could have probably sued them for slander, but well. We won’t tell her that.

The obsession with embarrassing the poor girl spread, and soon, Steph and others took to telling anyone who’d listen that ‘Hannah Sleeps With Boybands’. Not content with sharing it with the common folk of London, the word soon spread to the celebrities, screaming it at movie premiers and on live television shows.

Hannah was becoming a cult icon with the London Groupie elite. Slowly but surely, the idea of a fashion label to help spread the word began to form, but was shoved to the back of her mind as Hannah carried on sleeping with boyband’s with her everyday life.

Now onto the present...Hannah a budding fashion designer and Steph with far too much time on her hands. They, together with a few friends, decided to set up a company so that they can all wear unique t-shirts and uber trendy accessories. Being the generous souls that they are, however, they decided to take it a step further, and share it with the world......
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