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Tariqh Akoni's most eloquent plea to VOTE

Just in case you missed it, here is Tariqh's post on this election -  any election.
Please take it to heart and VOTE! :)

Rarely do I blog, so please indulge me..........
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Okay, so although I've read blogs from other people, I've never written one on my own. The reason? EVERYBODY MUST VOTE!!!!!

Regardless of your beliefs, or political affiliation, everybody needs to exercise their right to cast a vote. My mother traveled with the Freedom Riders in the south registering voters during the Civil RIghts movement. For us to ignore this fundamental right, is absolutely shameful. People have bled and died just for the opportunity to express their opinion. Although we consider it a right (and many take it for granted), in many countries they don't share this blessing.

Finally, although I hadn't meant this to be about my personal politics, I'll express (I'm sure to no one's surprise) that I'll be voting for Barack Obama in 3 days (I'm counting the minutes). My reasons are many, but here's the Reader's Digest version: I not only agree with Barack's policies on the economy and social programs, but I also believe that it's time we turned our back on the Bush doctrine of preemptive strikes. This has weakened our position as a world leader and dismantled whatever ethical cache we've built up over the years. In addition, we have a unique opportunity to elect a man that represents something bigger than himself, and can inspire a country (and subsequently the world) to strive for ideals like Hope and Freedom and Prosperity. This is not hyperbole. I believe that we as a HUMAN RACE have an obligation to our children and our brothers and sisters around the world.

Anyway, I'm climbing off of my soap box. Please... VOTE. This may be the most important election of our lifetimes. Don't stand silent. Don't turn around when your children and grandchildren ask whom you voted for in this historic election and answer: "Well, the lines were too long so I didn't vote..!!!"

Love one another, and be good to each other.


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Tariqh's Big News!

 (From Tariqh's website)

May, 2007

Okay, it's been a long time since my last update, and MAN has a LOT happened. By now, all the Josh Groban fans out there know that Eric Holden, and Zachary Provost are no longer with the band. On the last leg, we were joined by Bakithi Kumalo on bass (from Paul Simon's band), and Randy Waldman as conductor and pianist (from Barbra Streisand, and many others). Obviously, Eric and Zach were missed very much, but Randy and Bakithi did an amazing job, and we welcome them with open arms.

The newest news is that Randy is going back to Barbra's band (we knew he was only available for the first leg), and I (yes little 'ol me) have been made musical director, and conductor for Josh. This is an unbelievably flattering offer, and I'm committed to Josh and the organization, and doing all that's in my power to make it the best show possible. Joining us in the band on piano is Mark Stephens. We had a number of incredibly capable applicants, and Mark auditioned, and blew everyone away. I've known Mark for 10 years, and have always enjoyed his playing, and think very highly of him. Here's his website: www.markstephens.net

In other news, I had the chance to work with Josh, and Rickey Minor (another of my heroes) on the American Idol Gives Back special (I was in the House Band, as well as in the capacity as Musical Director for Josh). Working with the African Children's Choir was a LIFE CHANGING experience. I am SOOOOO blessed to have had the opportunity to work with those kids, as well as working with Ladysmith Black Mambazo at Madison Square Garden in this same year.

We're just getting started with the tour, and we're incredibly optimistic about the upcoming legs (including Europe, and Australia, and the States again). We're really excited, and plan to have more fun, and more surprises. I can't wait for everyone to meet Mark, and see what a great energy Mark brings to the gig.

There's more stuff to report, but I'm making this a short one for now. Can't wait to see y'all on the road.

Take care of one another, and I'll see y'all on the road, T