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SURVEY for Study

My friend Gayle is a professor at ASU and is studying fandoms to write a paper (which may become a book) and she's focusing heavily on the Grobies. She's attended 32 Awake concerts and questioned people at every one of them. I posted a survey for you to fill out and email to her before. Now she has a new one, she's gathering more information. So whether you filled out that first survey or not, please take the time to fill this one out. It's short and will take all of 5-10 minutes to do. It says to circle your choise, you can just put an X. That was for the printed one she handed out at concerts. If you have any questions for her I'm sure she'll be happy to answer them, just email her at the link after the survey.

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As a reward here's the link to Gayle's photobucket
30 shows worth of pictures, chances are you might have been to one. Most of her seats were within the first 10 rows too. She's not only a professor she's also a Grobanite. :) She's the one who makes all the pretty Josh quilts for the auctions. Any of the pictures not labeled as someone elses are hers and she says you may use them for whatever you want. :) ENJOY and thank you.
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