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Anaheim Concert Review of DOOM!

You gotta read this. It's hilarious.
Billboard Anaheim Concert Review 
(and my handcuffs were mentioned again! wootsauce!!!)

My favorite quote:
 "Remember When It Rained" was a memorable performance as the "Runninggggg dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!" part literally gave me chills to hear it live (if you've heard the song, that makes sense. If you haven't, it looks like I fell asleep with my face on the keyboard).

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Wemma photobooth kiss
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I love you guys....I need a BIG FAVOR....
Can someone in California get me a copy of Sundays OC Register
I really just need the Entertainment section, because
I have to have a copy of the review from last night's show, because I AM IN IT!!!!!! 

(If you saw Sally's post earlier then you already know I gave him the cowboy hat mentioned in the article! Too bad they didn't mention the handcuffs. :P )

Anyway I want a actual copy of this paper. If someone can pick one up for me 
I can totally pay you back with some good grobie karma... I make pretty things. *bribe* 

I'd go bribe people on FOJG but the stupid board is broken, besides... I like you guys better.
I promise to post some really good pictures for you tomorrow, but I am so tired now.
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