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Josh wallpaper

Well, a couple of entries back, hpicesk8er requested a wallpaper with Josh's prospective album cover photo on it. I figured I'd make one (because I'm horrible and lazy and would rather mess around in Photoshop than do work) and post it up here for you all to enjoy. :) Click the LJ cut tags to view the size you want and save it.

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Please do not use these for websites, your LiveJournal or anything like that. They're for your own personal use only and so I'd really appreciate it if you'd not ask how to put them on your LJ. I'm sorry, but I just can't run the risk of people stealing my stuff. It's one thing if they're 100x100 icons (which is why I don't require credit), but it's another thing if it's a 1024x768 wallpaper. I'm sure you understand. :) I'm sorry if I've disillusioned you, but I can't run the risk of my work being stolen and distributed by someone else.

And in my own humble opinion, desktop wallpapers made as blog wallpapers never look as nice as they do when used for their original purpose, especially when the image is in the middle of the wallpaper. Things get cropped or blocked and it doesn't look as smooth. But that's just the anal side of me talking, so feel free to ignore her, as it's your own journal. :)
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