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Love the music, love the man, love each other!
3rd-Dec-2008 10:08 pm - NOEL NOMINATED FOR GRAMMY!!!!!

yes, in case you haven't already heard, its true!!


Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album nominees are:
Still Unforgettable - Natalie Cole
The Sinatra Project - Michael Feinstein
Noel - Josh Groban
In The Swing Of Christmas - Barry Manilow
Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall - Rufus Wainwright
29th-Nov-2007 04:32 pm - Noel #1
HE'S #1!!! He did it, Noel is #1 before Alicia Keys!!! SQUEEEE!!! XD

It's really Christmas time. Yesterday I lost all the files of my Josh site, and I spent all the day trying to restore it. I was so sad and tired... and then I read that he made it to the top!!! Noel is platinum!!! OMG!

7th-Oct-2007 06:36 pm - Noel
Wemma photobooth kiss
 Dear Grobies~

I know we are all excited about the forthcoming release of Noel. I hear some people have gotten their copies early. Like Josh's previous albums we ask you NOT TO SHARE any of Noel in this community.
If you are a fan of Josh's (which you obviously are if you are HERE) then you will buy the album.

 Posts of this nature will be immediately deleted by a mod and you may be removed from the community.

Thank you.

PS: I will set up a "Squee About Noel Post" on Monday. 
All of your Noel joy should be released in comments to that post, 
that way everyone's Friends List is not bombarded by 
OMG NOEL IS SO FANTASTIC posts on Tuesday. 

::edited to add::
PSS: Any comments/screenaps from the "making of dvd" (that you can only get a Target) 
should be placed under a cut  (in a post seperate from the one I set up tomorrow)
 so not to spoil the rest of us who can't get ahold of it yet because we are far from Target. 
Thanks again.
6th-Sep-2007 09:59 pm - About the Special Edition of Noel...
Wemma photobooth kiss
noelSince there were so many questions...
FOJG has responded.



postToday, 11:01 PM

Post #1


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Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has taken so long to clarify the exact versions of Noel that will be released and where you can buy them:

Noel - the regular edition CD with 13 tracks will be available at all retailers on October 9th, 2007

Noel - the special edition CD with 13 tracks and DVD "the making of the CD" footage will be sold exclusively at Target Stores available on October 9th, 2007

Noel - the regular edition CD with 13 tracks and special Christmas Ornament available only through Warner Bros Records online store, FOJG and JoshGroban.com websites available on October 9th, 2007

Unfortunately, the "special edition" that was previously being advertised on any site not mentioned here, was incorrect and we've taken steps to correct them. Please accept our apologies for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused you in your ordering process. I hope this clears it all up.

Lynne Malone
Avnet Management

Thought that'd be useful to  you all. :D 
So Allie, want to pick me up the Target version? Since I am 90 miles from Target? PLEASE!?
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