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Love the music, love the man, love each other!
28th-Dec-2008 07:13 pm - Triple Birthday Spam
Wemma photobooth kiss
This is a 3 way birthday spam, plus something a little special  __grobanites  first ever BABY SPAM!!!!

So happy birthday wishes go  out to...
Mary Ellen

& Baby Congrats to CJ and her little bundle of joy Aaron. : )

spam spam spammity spam...Collapse )

PS: With this spam I officially retire for the Birthday Fairy Business. This is my last spam. I just don't have the energy/creativity to do them anymore, Even for my friends. Children Demons have sucked all the life out of me. You guys KNOW I love you...I don't need to show it with a crappy half-assed (becauase I am too damn tired for anything more) spam. : ) I'll make you pretty cards instead.

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