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soundcheck videos from yesterday!

Hey everyone, I've posted my videos on the FOJG forums and totally forget that I could share with all of you too! I took videos of pretty much everything but the actual performances that were recorded for the GMA segments yesterday.. so the videos show how silly and adorkable Josh really is in person. ;o)

This is the video in which he talks about slip n' sliding off the stage and doing his infamous Fonzie impersonation!

If you want to watch the rest (10 in total) just head here! Enjoy!!!
Wemma photobooth kiss
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Heavenly Angels Sing, Sing.

I made some screencaps form this morning's GMA. 

Collapse )

Any other screencap requests? ( of newish things that are up on Nay's site) I'm feeling generous and kinda bored.
I plan on capping the Nightline one soon. I need the eyebrow thing from Ave Maria. That killed me.
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