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Birthday Fairies Resign

Dearest __grobanites
    The last few months the birthday spams have become erratic, half of them missed or late. People complain. We feel bad. We just don't have the time, energy, or ideas anymore. Our lives are crazy busy. Our comminuty has grown so much (YAY!) that we just can't keep up, even with 5 of us doing them! Half the spams we do are for people we don't even know, people who don't even comment on them.

    So here it is. Your chance to be a star  (or rather a Bday fairy). Anyone who wants to job of delegating birthday spams and can find people to do it... SIGN UP HERE. 

    If no one is interested, the "official" birthday spams will come to an end. People will be free to spam their friends for their birthdays or hell even spam yourself, but we won't be doing them for the entire community anymore. If you are in need of spammy goodness I suggest you check out youareloooved spams happen almost daily over there. 

Signed the EX Birthday Brigade~
Kimmy, Sally, Jena, Euny, Helena, & Emmy 

PS:For added comedic amusement check out the new community  grobies_say_wha