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Love the music, love the man, love each other!
4th-Feb-2009 11:44 am - For my beloved Sherry!
Dear sherryholt,

My apologies for being so late, know that I love you and this is my belated birthday gifty to you! MWAH!

Look who's coming to visit!Collapse )
2nd-Feb-2009 09:30 pm - Birthdays!
bday faerie
Here is wishing very happy Birthdays to the following three Grobies:
shady_lights, lady_autumnstar and hitz_girl!!!

Party Like it's your birthday!Collapse )
12th-Jan-2009 10:05 pm - MASSIVE Birthday spam
bday faerie
So this is a HUGE catch up spam, I promise I didn't forget about you all!! I love you all to pieces, and so I give you possibly the longest bday spam ever (not very dial-up friendly!)

Without further ado, I present the birthday Grobies:

everangel604, wulfmadchen, mmmfishfingers, amyleefanatic, moviestarmeg17, anniekins127, neonkittens143, musical_soul_9, crawfordwraith, davincisporano1, yourstillyou, byatt_lover, divainpink15, hello_lamppost.

Let's get to partying!Collapse )
22nd-Dec-2008 12:08 am - Birthday Spam List
bday faerie
Hello Grobies! In preparation for the next spamming year, I have just completed a major spam list cut of those people that did not comment on their spams. I will list them here, if you see your name and want back on the list, comment, and then prepare for extreme grovelling, and being saddled with at least one spam to do! :D

Also a reminder, if you aren't sure if your name is on the list, please check it HERE!. Even if you added your name two years ago, it's a new list, so please double check! Thank you.

Also I'm going to just remind everyone, please comment on the spam we create for you. If there is consistently a lack of commenting, spams will stop. There is simply no point in doing them if they aren't appreciated or enjoyed. For those that always comment, thank you! We love that you enjoy your spams. :)

So, to the list. Those cut from the list are as follows:

lonelyoutsider1, ilovethemovies, _singmysoul_, supergrrlie, broadwaysonata, ballerinagirl15, alliemolloy, squisheebananas, cravekashmir, armlessnessie, babestaaa, splited, elabloody, kb_kc_ddfan, waywardglances, faerielyght1981, pianohead56, highwater_jeans, carnationgirl, grobanite, nikkikoala90.

Much love

19th-Dec-2008 12:59 pm - Birthday Spammage
bday faerie
Hello Grobies!! Birthday Faerie of DOOM has returned! I apologize profusely for the lack of birthday spammage lately. Due to injury, exams and life we BDAY Fairies have been super busy and unable to complete spams. We will be doing massive catch up spamming in the next week or so, so if you have been missed, don't fret. It will be coming to you very soon! You've not been forgotten!

Much love,

10th-Nov-2008 10:35 pm - Birthdays!
bday faerie
Happiest of birthdays to waywardglances, katieonbway05, jazzgoddess and kb_kc_ddfan!!

On with the show!Collapse )

A note to all grobies: As I've been doing the spams by myself the last while, they are not always done in a timely fashion, and I appreciate your patience. I will always get them done...just not always when planned lol. I am still looking for another birthday fairy, who would be a GREAT help. As always, if you are interested, comment here or PM me. If I am doing these by myself, I will continue to do them roughly once every two weeks if I can.

Please remember to check This Post to ensure your name is on the list to get spammed. If it's not, please read it and comment with your birthday and I will add you! Even if you were on the old list, please check. Thanks!
29th-Oct-2008 09:24 pm - Birthdays!!
bday faerie
Here's wishing very happy birthday to the following fabulous Grobies!!!

faerielyght1981, land_over_water, irishfighter and pianohead56, it's time for celebration!!

Clickity!Collapse )

A reminder to all the Grobies, please check this list HERE to make sure your name is on the birthday spam list! If it's not leave a comment with your birthday! Thank you!

Also, still looking for a new birthday fairy! If anyone is interested, comment here or PM me!
14th-Oct-2008 10:36 am - Birthdays!!!
bday faerie
We have several birthdays that are awaiting celebration (and have been for awhile) so Tis Birthday Fairy apologizes and hopes to make amends now!
So Belated Birthday wishes to the following fabulous Grobies: highwater_jeans, opera_grobanite, hpfanaticgirl, tropicalwater07 and carnationgirl!!!

Josh: I think it's party time!!!Collapse )

* * *

To all Grobies who are not yet on the birthday spam list: Pease head on over to this post -> Click Me! Read and comment with your birthday so I can add you to the list!

In other Birthday Fairy news, we are once again searching for a new Birthday Fairy! We have lost one of our number and are looking for a volunteer to join the team!! If you are interested, you can comment on this post or PM me. THanks!!
24th-Sep-2008 11:47 pm - Birthdays!
bday faerie
A very happy, VERY VERY belated birthday to the following beloved Grobies:

ancientwhispers, ferris0885 imlaithwen and afavoritemelody

Let the celebrating begin! Finally!Collapse )

Just a reminder, if you want to be spammed for your birthday, remember to leave a comment with your birthday on This Post! Thank you!!
20th-Aug-2008 10:09 pm(no subject)
bday faerie
We have two Grobie birthdays to celebrate this week!! So without further ado, Happy Birthday to watch_over_me and sheroaredback!!

Have a very Joshly Birthday!Collapse )
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