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Wemma photobooth kiss
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Anaheim Concert Review of DOOM!

You gotta read this. It's hilarious.
Billboard Anaheim Concert Review 
(and my handcuffs were mentioned again! wootsauce!!!)

My favorite quote:
 "Remember When It Rained" was a memorable performance as the "Runninggggg dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!" part literally gave me chills to hear it live (if you've heard the song, that makes sense. If you haven't, it looks like I fell asleep with my face on the keyboard).

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Wemma photobooth kiss
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Cuteness Overload.

I suppose I should have prefaced that with a warning, but I like to torture you all. LOL.

As most of you already know... I was at the Anaheim show causing mischeif with my handcuffs. 
I was sitting in the 4th row on the aisle... I had a lovely view and I have a  great camera. I was up at the stage for the last 5 songs, including NWIA, Canto, Machine, YRMU and Awake. It was so damn amazing. The best show I've been to yet! I even got to meet a couple of you. :D  *waves to michelle and emma* 

(Fake Cut to the rest of them....)