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Love the music, love the man, love each other!

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Josh Groban Community with Daily Updates!
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A very active community dedicated to the King of the Vocal Cords, Josh Groban.


Welcome to __grobanites.

We are the biggest and most popular Josh Groban fan community on LiveJournal. I'm sure you'll quickly realise that we have very active posters and a great sense of community! With over 1000 members, here is the place to be for the latest Josh news.

Sick of the drama at the official boards and want to be a member of an active community? Fed up of having to censor every single thought relating to Josh? You'll fit right in here. Believe me. ;)

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Spread the Grobie love. Now pull up a chair and help yourself to the cookies.


Before posting, please take the time to read the general information and rules of the community. They just help to keep everything reasonably civilised and to give our newbies some helpful pointers. ;)
They are very simple and pretty standard for this type of community: Rules and General Info

Just a quick note to all members:
Don't post or even ask for mp3s of songs that are available on albums you can buy from the shops. That's just not cool. It's not fair on all the people who forked out money for them and more importantly, it's not fair on Josh to illegally distribute his hard work. We're here to support Josh. Now show some sense.


Maintainer = destiny2909 Sally (Who is the little British Grobie and so has a funny accent. She enjoys pina coladas, walks in the rain and getting funny packages in the mail.)

Assisted by:

Mod = jgkimmy Kimmy (Who is the Evil Genius Grobie. She enjoys scrapbooking, seeing Colin Firth's naked feet and sending Sally funny packages in the mail.)


joshcons groban graphics and icons
josh_graphics another great graphics community
joshfics fanfiction community
groban_daily Daily picture posts
cdn_grobs Canadian AND a Grobanite?! Go and visit them immediately!

Got an established community and want to affliate with us? Drop destiny2909 a line.


The current __grobanites layout was made by Sherry (sherryholt)

The Userinfo banner was made by Sally (destiny2909)


Want to know what existing members think of __grobanites? Then read some Grobie testimonials!

What's YOUR anti-drug?

The most active of all the Josh Groban LJ communities!

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