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Love the music, love the man, love each other!
13th-Jun-2010 12:15 am - icons
01-07 FOJG photoshoot
08-12 FOJG photoshoot
13-21 Blender magazine
22-33 FOJG photoshoot
34-46 Glee final
47-71 Good day LA
72-81 FOJG photoshoot
82-83 gif Glee


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mamie gummer

Teaser :

icons are here

[01-30] Josh Groban + 2 profile banners
[31-44] stock icons + 3 profile banners
+ 1wallpaper

12th-Apr-2010 10:50 pm - icons
Finally managed to make some new icons, man that seems like ages ago.
Can't say that they all make me happy but some do :)

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01 Awake shoot
02 Australian shoot
03-09 OneXOne Foundation
10-18 InStyle
10-23 Vivemant Dimanche
24-36 Ebay pic Private concert
37-46 We are the world
47-51 Collection Photoshoot


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25th-Jan-2010 10:17 pm - new icons

Finally managed to make some new icons. Well lets say found some pics to use in the first place, since it was a bit quiet around Mr. Groban.

01-14 Random set
15-23 LAX
24-41 New Vlog
41-46 Musical Hair


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23rd-Dec-2009 10:34 pm - new icons

Here are some new icons, most made from screencaps I took of Josh's S2C video.
The GIF's are of poor quality given the 40kb limit, so sorry for that.
oh and nr.47 is one I thought was funny, I resized it and suddenly saw how it cut of some text and made it, well sort of true in my opnion lol!

01-48 Stand up for Cancer promovid
49-50 coming out of a restaurant in LA
51-55 Target clip


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28th-Nov-2009 12:21 pm - New icons and a wall
josh in NY

Teaser :

icons are here

[001][010] Julie Andrews
[011][014] Into the wild
[015][000] Jensen Ackles
[016][019] Garfield
[020][021] Elijah Wood
[022][023] David Gray
[024][025] CSI
[026 -029] Bryan Adams, Robert Redford, Beauty & the Beast
[030][044] Johnny Depp
[045][056] John Mayer
[057][066] Josh Groban
[067][070] Marg Helgenberger
[071 075] Micheal Bublé, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe
[076][078] Milo Ventimiglia
[079][080] Once (the movie)
[081 -083] Penn Badgley, Simon Baker
[084][104] Stocks
[105][110] Lion King, Once (movie)
[106][109] William Petersen
+ 2 wallpapers

if you like join peak77

4th-Nov-2009 10:47 pm - new icons

01-28 Australian photoshoot
29-32 Twitterpics

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

comments are love and appreciated :)
feel free to use them
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28th-Oct-2009 03:18 pm(no subject)
Lady Lola - Reign
237 icons total

147 Criminal Minds - 1x02 "Compulsion," 1x04 "Plain Sight," 1x05 "Broken Mirror," 1x07, "The Fox," 1x09, "Derailed," 1x10 "The Popular Kids," 5x02 "Haunted" NO SPOILERS and a few of the cast)
32 Doctor Who - 4x01 "Partners in Crime," 4x02 "Fires of Pompeii," 4x04 "The Sontaran Stratagem" and Billie Piper)
43 Miscellaneous - 8 Draco Malfoy, 1 Eowyn and Eomer, 2 Obiwan/Padme, 8 Torchwood, 5 Twilight, 3 Joss Whedon shows, 5 Gerard Butler, 2 Karl Urban and 8 Josh Groban
15 X-Men - "Wolverine: Origins," Gambit/Rogue, Pyro/Rogue



x-posted everywhere. Sorry!
5th-Sep-2009 08:31 pm - icons
Josh Groban
[47] Josh Groban

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Total Icon Count: 47


TEASER! Icon 017 TEASER! Icon 025 TEASER! Icon 028

... just a manCollapse )
30th-Aug-2009 06:23 pm - icons

Managed to make some new icons, out of random pics, since there wasn't much new stuff :)
Comments are highly appreciated, use them if you like them :).

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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