January 11th, 2009

Josh at the Feeding America Party

Hi guys i'm new! I came across a picture on Gettyimages of Josh from a few days ago attending the 'Feed America Cocktail Party' with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and David Arquette. Wasnt sure whether i could post the direct link but if you go to www.gettyimages.com and search for him it comes up. Sorry if its been mentioned just wanted to give the heads up.
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One of my Favorites.

Josh to Perform at the Obama Inauguration!!!

Josh, as confirmed by ThatJoshGrobanGuy.com, is going to be singing in front of the Lincoln memorial on January 20th, during the opening ceremony on inauguration day. Both President-Elect Barack Obama and Vice-President-Elect will be in attendance. The ceremony will be broadcast on HBO, however it will be available to cable and satellite viewers regardless of having HBO or not (still not sure what this exactly means...).

I am super psyched!!! :)