February 10th, 2008

Hey, fellow Grammy Grobanite!

To the girl who had a kiss blown at her and got a wave--- I'm so jealous. :D

He was on the other side of the stage! So I was about twenty feet away!
But I start screaming in a really high pitched girly way that I'm sure you'll hear right after he's introduced.
I'm going to go back and watch myself on national television now.
It's so weird.

Wemma photobooth kiss
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I've noticed our numbers jump up a little since the Grammy broadcast, saw a lot of POSITIVE commenting going on at ohnotheydidnt too. Yes, we are a lot less scary than the boards. LOL Thanks for guiding people over here, you know who you are. Just wanted to shout out a welcome to all you newbies. *waves* WELCOME!!! 
Please, be sure to check out the rules in the userinfo.

Here's a pic from this evening. :)

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