November 29th, 2007

  • nim4

Noel #1

HE'S #1!!! He did it, Noel is #1 before Alicia Keys!!! SQUEEEE!!! XD

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It's really Christmas time. Yesterday I lost all the files of my Josh site, and I spent all the day trying to restore it. I was so sad and tired... and then I read that he made it to the top!!! Noel is platinum!!! OMG!


Top of the evening to ya Grobies...

This is your reminder person (who had to be reminded to remind you :P) that Josh is on Good Morning America  tomorrow

I heard tons of Grobies are showing up to that!  But , if you're like me and can't catch it on Tv, don't worry your pretty little heads,  it will likely be up on soon enough :)

so it's on ABC at 7 Am. EST and probably a host of other channels :)