April 2nd, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel

Just wanted to remind everyone that Josh is performing tonight on Jimmy Kimmel. I think it's on at 12:05/11:05c. Be sure to tune in, if you can stay up that late. Last time Josh was on a late night show I fell asleep waiting for him to come on--luckily I was recording it! I get home late from work tonight so hopefully I'll be wound up and wide awake. Oh, why must they insist on having the musical guests LAST all the time?
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Ok, the birthday fairies apologize profusely, it looks like there was a mix up and stuff with the birthdays, but you have not been forgotten, we have come to SPAM YOU!

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staples center video moment

I have like 11 videos from the concert at the Staples Center, and who knows if and when I'll upload all of them to youtube because i'm lazy and i have a terrible memory. besides, all the weirdness about warner bros taking peoples videos off.. i dont need any of that to be happening haha.

holy poo it was a good show and i hope everyone else that went enjoyed it.
So here's a trinket of joy and amusement for all of you:

the video quality is absolute crap BUT the sound rocks.

It's the bit where Angelique comes out and dances with Josh. But Josh then proceeds to ramble about not being able to dance, and again mentions the staples center because he really loves his hometown and then makes strange trance beat noises and then starts singing 'sexyback' haha... because justin timberlake has yet another show at the staples center so i'm convinced josh is making fun of him or something. yes. >_>

i ramble. a lot. i'm stopping NOW. WATCH IT YOU FOOLS.
ps: i also have a few nine inch nails videos on my youtube account so check them out if you like NIN.

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Caption Results!

Ok, so the reason I'm so sick is NOT because of what was previously thought. 

I had mono in January. In short, I sitll suffer, and probably will for the next two-three months. 

Fuck. Crap. 


Whew! This was a close one! I really enjoyed this, and will probably add this to memories. Captions were great!!!

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Oh, and I was also thinking about starting a new Josh grpics community with not only photo caption contests but icontests and desktop contests as well. Any and all pictures could be submitted for whatever and stuff. Any one interested in being co-moderator and person to do graphics for the communtiy? (i'm stupid when it comes to that thing) Lemme know, K?


PS: I'm exhausted... again.

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Wemma photobooth kiss

Josh in LA

I just got back home to AZ last night at midnight from the LA show sunday. Such a LOOOONG trip. But Sooooooooo worth it. Josh was better than I have ever seen him. He was so ON. I think It had to do with the fact he was in his hometown and his whole family was in the audience. They were sitting 2 rows in front of us in the section over. Jack, Lindy, Grandma Groban, even Chris was there. 

Metal dectors galore, but no camera nazis!

I am not even close to finished uploading my photos, but as I sit here waiting for Jimmy Kimmel to come on (instead of going to bed like I should...) I uploaded some of them. So here are pics from You Are Loved, Mai & a few from Un Dia Llegara. 


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I also got a HUG FROM JOSH! & an autograph!! I am still flying high.
If you want to read about it ge HERE.
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We're Not Above Begging~

This is a plea to "krylonblue24" who was so wicked awesome and posted the funniest clip everrrr of Josh spazzing out on stage in LA. First of all, THANK YOU! I laughed my butt off and am about 304982340958 shades of green towards all of you who got to see that show. What the hell was I doing here trying to finish of a bachelor's degree! I should have gone, man. ^_^

Aaaaanyways, you mentioned in your last post that you might be too lazy/forgetful to post the rest of the *gasp!* TWENTY CLIPS OR SO, but can we have a public petition here please? :D :D :D

Anyone who wants to guilt out "krylonblue24" into posting the rest of her videos under strange monikers such as "cookies" lol on youtube, please post below. :D

I'm pretty good at drawing people. In exchange krylonblue24, post your favorite picture of him and I'll give it a go w/ pencil and send/post it to you. :D Sound good?

You know you wanna. :D