January 22nd, 2005

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Soo you guys wouldn't mind a 1:00am picspam, would you?

I found a ton of these on the JG boards, and I just got FAR too excited for my own good. I had to share the wealth. (Forgive me if these have been posted. Frankly, I think we could all use a daily dose.)

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Just thought I would gush here. Tonight- 8pm I'm seeing Josh again. I can't wait. I got awesome seats too. (4th row, floor). Anyone know the camera situation? Does it depend on the arena?? :-D
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Damn it.

OMJ, I'm so mad right now. I was SO close to getting Closer special edition. BUT MY SISTER WOULDN'T LET ME! AH! I really wanted it. I still do. She was all "No! It's so expensive, no." AND IT'S MY MONEY! Grrr *curses sister*



*crawls into corner and curls up*
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so im listening to the tsunami relief show taking place in the UK rite now, and some guy named Aled Jones just did 'you raise me up'. now, he can actually sing (opposed to the AI guy the other nite) but please, let this song be Josh's. I think no matter how well one can sing, no one comes close, or ever will come close, to Josh

*imagines a 'flap pic' of josh*
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Hey ya'll! I'm in my school's show-choir and every February we have a big festival with solos, we call it "Follies". Anyway, I need to find a song to do for my solo! I planned on doing Broadway Baby but I don't know if I want to do that anymore. A friend of mine is doing "Feels Like Home" by Chandel something or other and I thought that sounded good... so I might do something like that. I don't know! I need help! I know you guys are really good at stuff like this... I'm an alto/2nd soprano. I would prefer something that I could stay in my chest voice in. Please post AS MANY IDEAS AS YOU CAN COME UP WITH. I'd really appreciate it!
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Oh no!!! Did anyone know that She's Out of My LIfe is a cover of a Micheal Jackson song?? That's so awful. (Sorry MJ fans, I respect your right to like him). But I'm not a real big fan. But anywhoo.... just found that out and thought I'd share.

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I'm so thrilled!
Every year my school puts on a 'prism concert', basically its a combination of freshman band, freshman chorus, concert band, concert chorus, vocal jazz, both jazz bands, a combination piece of band and chorus, and about 10 small ensembles (solos, duets and other groups). To get one of those 10 spots you have to audition.
My friend and I auditioned to sing The Prayer... and we made it.
And another one of my friends auditioned to sing You Raise Me Up and she made it too!
Two Josh Groban songs in one concert... how awesome is that?!
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