January 1st, 2003

Wemma photobooth kiss
  • jgkimmy

Go Forth and bitch.

This has GOT to take the prize for most insensitive item ever in the WB store. 

To say this in insensitive is a polite way of putting it. There are thousands of fans fighting to get money back from this tour, and WB wants to sell us t-shirts? Go figure. Which twit of a marketing plod put forward the pitch for this and which manager thought it was a good idea? Best bit? The actual DATES on the shirt are even wrong.

Stand up for your fellow Grobies who were WRONGED by WB. 
Those of you who are on FOJG, please go and voice your disgust in this thread
Anyone can comment on the joshgroban.com boards as those are free. 
Jena was kind enough to start a thread there.


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